Sunday, August 17, 2014

Review: Nibblr

   I love trying new snacks! I got my first box from for free. You can also when you head to and enter code: FBFIRSTBOX. Their boxes are $5.99 and they can deliver weekly, bi-weekly or once a month. Their boxes are pretty cute!

  When you sign up, you can view all of their snacks and rate them. Now, when I rated them, for the ones that I thought I would love, I rated 'Love It'! However, I didn't get any of the boxes that I marked as, 'Love It'. So, if you do sign up....just a warning that you may not get those items. Also, if you rate, 'No Thanks'....they won't send that snack to you and that's a good thing. 

 The snacks that I received are: 'Coco's First Date', 'Salt and Pepper Cashews', 'Caramel Apple' and 'Berry's Hat Trick'. They're portioned sized just right. It even has the Nutrition Facts on the back of each pack which I think is handy!

  • Cocoa's First Date has Dates, Almonds, and toasted Coconut~ I didn't really like the Coconut too much in with this mix.
  • Salt and Pepper Cashews~I enjoyed these! You can't go wrong with Salt & Pepper Cashews unless they are stale. :) Lots of pepper with this, couldn't taste the salt much.
  • Caramel Apple: Caramel, Peanuts and Apples~ This was pretty good. Love the peanuts!
  • Berry's Hat Trick: Pomegranate infused cranberries, blueberry pomegranate fruit pieces, and dried strawberries~ Loved the dried strawberries! They were delicious and I wish there were more of them! :)
 There are some good points like I mentioned but there is one not so good point. They don't have a referral program at this time and that would keep me from subscribing with Nibblr. I would like to be able to refer people and get points or $ off my boxes.

  Inside the box was this cute welcome limited edition print by: Dana Tanamachi that reads, "Life's Too Short To Be Hangry". Hangry: adj: irrational anger due to hunger. They have a lil example posted on their front page! :)


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