Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gloves in a Bottle Winner!!

And the Winner of the 3 samples of 'Gloves in a Bottle' is......CHARMED!! Congratulations! I will be e-mailing you for your mailing addy! Thanks for entering everyone!! :)

Might as well mention and let you all know that I have a couple of Joel Osteen books up on E-bay if anyone is interested in bidding on them: HERE & HERE! I will post also if I have some of my Joyce Meyer items going up! I do have 3 Nintendo DS games that I had put up on E-bay that didn't sell: Ratatouille: Food Frenzy, Ratatouille and Sonicrush Adventure! If you're interested in buying these, please let me know and I will put it/them up again. :) My e-mail is: purposedrivenlife4you (at) gmail (dot) com. You might want to subscribe
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