Sunday, August 17, 2014

Review: Treatsie subscription box

  So, I decided to give Treatsie a try! It's a monthly artisan sweets subscription box service. They have a card that comes in every box telling you about the goodies in it. I love that they let you know the value of every item in the box. The Cost of Treatsie is $15 a month plus $4.95 shipping. There was a code that I used to get my FIRST box free, and you can too! Just pay for the shipping! Use coupon code FREEBOX22.

 The items in the box were by: Olive & Sinclair, The Salty Road, and Brittle Brothers. This box value is: $26. The salt water taffy by 'The Salty Road' was pretty good! I received mine in the 'Bergamot' flavor. When I looked up the word, 'Bergamot', I discovered that it came from Bergamot oranges! It's has a light taste to it. You can't really taste the orange. It was good though! I devoured the box within a couple of days.

 The Cashew Brittle was delicious! I loved it! It was so good. It came in a small package so I saved some of this day by day to savor it.

 However, I was looking forward to trying both of the chocolate bars but come to find out, they were terrible! ;( The first one I tried was the Buttermilk White Chocolate. I didn't care for this at all. I thought ok....let's give their other bar a try. It's the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. Now, I thought this is going to be soooo good! NOOOOoooo, it wasn't. :( Worst. Chocolate. Ever. I have NEVER spit out chocolate in my entire life but with this, yes, I did! It's way too salty. The salt overpowered any sweetness that the chocolate had.

 Overall, I enjoyed 50% of this box. Wish I could've said it was ALL delicious but I can't say that. This is my honest opinion review of the June Treatsie box.

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