Sunday, November 13, 2011

Niagara Non Aerosol Spray Starch Review & Giveaway!!

I received 6 bottles of Niagara Non-Aerosol Spray Starch and I can't remember the last time, that I used a spray starch on my clothes. I haven't ironed in years. I really haven't had the need to do so. I tried this product on some dress pants and it has a nice, natural, clean, fresh linen scent to it. I sprayed it on and it absorbed quickly into the material. This is nice to have should I ever need it. I'll be giving some away of my own to friends/family because I know I won't be using much of this personally. So, if you have stiffness with your garments, you should try Niagara and steam or dry iron at the right fabric setting for your material.

About Niagara liquid starch spray: Niagara liquid spray starch provides long lasting, crisp, sharp finish on every kind of fabric. A staple of the Phoenix Brands family, Niagara Non-Aerosol Spray Starch provides a crisp, lasting freshness with each use. Making fabrics feel as fresh and new each and every time, Niagara Non-Aerosol Spray Starch is the preferred choice for all residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The easy-to-use, non-aerosol trigger system delivers a simple, clean spray while delivering environmentally friendly results. A quintessential part of any home, business or industry, Niagara Non-Aerosol Spray Starch provides residential, commercial and industrial customers the ability to stay green while keeping your fabrics fresh and clean. Phoenix Brands Niagara Non Aerosol Spray Starch, 22-oz. liquid spray bottle with trigger, 6 bottles per case.

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Win it! Guess what Treasured Reviews readers/friends?! I get to give away~thanks to, to 2 winners each, a CASE of the Niagara Non Aerosol Spray Starch! Click on 'read more' below to enter! Giveaway will conclude on the 17th.

Disclaimer: provided me with Phoenix Brands' Niagara Non Aerosol Spray Starch in exchange for my review of the product.

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