Sunday, November 13, 2011

Final Touch Fabric Softener Review & Giveaway!!

This is the 3rd product that I've tried from Phoenix Brands and it's the Final Touch Liquid Fabric Softener. I received four huge, 120 oz bottles of these in the Spring Fresh scent. I've never heard of this fabric softener so it peaked my interest to see how this would work for me. I've always bought fabric softener sheets, never the liquid. For me, the sheets have been so much easier. Just toss it in the dryer and let it do it's thing. For this liquid softener, I liked the scent. Not strong at all unlike a lot of fabric sheet brands out there. This is a plus for me! The downside for me, is that I do have to go down several flights of steps to put this in the rinse cycle at the right time and that can be a hassle perhaps for anyone! :) I do like also that I haven't had to worry about sheet marks on clothing. This is another plus to using the Final Touch Fabric Softener! Overall, it's a great product and I do recommend it for your laundry needs.

Final Touch Fabric Softener, Spring Fresh:
Feel the difference of Final Touch Fabric Softener. A staple of the Phoenix Brands family, Final Touch Liquid Fabric Softener provides the softest feeling clothing, as well as a fresh spring-time scent, no other fabric softener can match. Delivering clothing and fabrics that are noticeably more soft, fluffy the liquid formula also provides a refreshing fragrant aroma. From clothes, and linens, to curtains, and uniforms, the Final Touch Fabric Softener provides the ideal addition to any load of laundry. Final Touch Liquid Fabric Softener is a quintessential part of any home, business or industry. Easily softens and freshens clothing after each use. Liquid formula for use in the rinse cycle. Spring Fresh scent. Phoenix Brands Final Touch Spring Fresh Fabric Softener, 120 oz. Bottles, 4 Bottles per case

Win it! Guess what Treasured Reviews readers/friends?! I get to give away~thanks to, to 2 winners each, a CASE of the Final Touch Fabric Softener! Click on 'read more' below to enter! Giveaway will conclude on the 17th.

Disclaimer: provided me with Phoenix Brands' Final Touch Fabric Softener in exchange for my review of the product.


Anonymous said...

I think final touch makes my clothes stink. I have a whole bottle I cant use. Hard Water

Unknown said...
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Lee Roy H. Petersen said...

Find out that my wife is allergic to an ingredance in Final Touch softerner. She developed weldts like bed bug bites from sleeping in a bed at a motel that uses this softener.