Saturday, August 27, 2011

Winner of Fiber One prize pack & Cheerios prize pack

Congrats Karin #8! You've been chosen by via Rafflecopter to have won the Fiber One prize pack! Thanks for entering and enjoy. 

I have to say this....IF you're entering my giveaways, please following the directions. For the Cheerios giveaway, I had to remove quite a few entries because they weren't being completed as they should and I will check. I saw no links for blogging the giveaway, tweeting the giveaway and following via GFC was a mandatory entry--someone didn't say they did that. I can't chase all of you down and find the appropriate links for the giveaway and I shouldn't have to do that and I'm not going to. They should be in the box provided and I should be able to copy the link, paste and check it out.

If BOTH of the mandatory entries in my giveaways aren't being done, I have no choice but to remove all of your entries. I don't want to do that, but I need to be fair and keep the rules that I stated when I posted the giveaway. Thanks for understanding and I DO hope to see you all continue to enter but please follow the rules.

With this being said, Karin is the winner AGAIN for the Cheerios giveaway! She followed the rules appropriately. Thanks Karin and congrats once again!


Toystory said...

Congrats Karin.

And... sometimes I have made an error in entering (not necessarily here), and when I do... there isn't any way to fix it... and lots of times I then just leave... and don't continue... but if there were a way to fix it -- anyone who makes an error could then fix their post/entry whatever... Just a thought!

daisyh1305 said...
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Doreen said...

Hi 'Toystory'! Yes, I know and I hope that Rafflecopter will impliment that soon where entrants can fix their entries. Thanks for your comment!