Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free Decree Tank Top & Brownies giveaway

Did you receive your FREE Decree Tank Top from JC Penney?! I got mine in the mail today! It finally arrived!! :) I love it. It's light & comfy!

Don't forget to enter my Fairytale Dozen Brownie giveaway which ends on 8/27! These Brownies are delicious, don't miss out on entering for your chance to win!!

I almost have 90 Followers!! How exciting! I just might have a special giveaway when I reach 100. Just Maybe. :) I have this Marc Jacobs wallet that's new. I'll think about if I want to give it away! Not promising....if not the wallet, something else! :)



Jacky said...

How exciting! And I was thrilled with my 63 followers...=)

Doreen, I know your great about giveaways, so will you come by the blog and help me spread the word about mine? The winner gets to choose and item from my Etsy shop, The Art of Paper.

Thanks for all the fun giveaways you've informed me of through your blog!

Doreen said...

Hi Jacky! I was just thinking of you recently and was wondering how you've been. :)

Yes, I will try to spread the word about your giveaway tonight. I'll check it out. It sounds wonderful!

Oh you're welcome! :) I hope you're winning some of them! Let me know if you do! I think I did see that you won one in recent weeks. :) I'll stop by your blog soon!