Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blog Against Bullying

I can remember when I was in 5th grade when some bullying was happening to me by what these days we would call the 'mean girls'. They were the popular ones and I just me, not part of that group. I remember wanting to be 'in' with them but I never was. There was one of the popular girls, my height (petite) who was pretty but she was also a bully. I wanted to be her friend but she definitely didn't treat me nice. I felt like I could be harmed if I said something wrong, said nothing at all or told on them for talking when I was in charge of the class. I remember eventually telling my parents and teacher about what was going on and how I was being treated.

Children need to tell their parents and teachers what's going on in their lives. They don't need to keep this inside of them. They need an outlet to speak to people they can trust. There's a world out there of bullying going on and it's resulting in children taking their own lives. Maybe we can save the life of at least one child that's hurting and make a huge difference!

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Yummy Mummy said...

Thank you so much for participating!

I'm so sorry that you had to go through that in school. You're absolutely right that kids need to have an outlet where they can tell adults what is going on. I'm glad that you had adults that you could turn to.

Patty Patterson said...

Cute blog! I found you at Yummy Mummy's while 'blogging against bullying'.

Jeannette said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story. I am glad you sought help.

John Byrnes said...

Prevent Current Bullying Behavior and Stopping Future Bullying Behavior.

First, if you want to stop future bullying behavior, you must prevent it, not react to it.

Second, if you want to prevent current bullying behavior, you must be able to define the behavior that leads to bullying in a clear and clinical way, so that you can recognize and respond to this behavior in order to prevent it.

The Aggression Continuum, which illustrated the origins of aggression through its ultimate expression of violence; is the only means to accomplish these two very important objectives. It is really that simple!

To learn more about the Aggression Continuum visit our blog,

Kristin said...

What a shame that the problem only seems to be getting worse. I pray my lil' dude doesn't have to deal with it!