Sunday, August 17, 2008

Review: Snacktrition

I had the opportunity recently to try some really delicious nut snacks by Snacktrition! "Snacktrition is enhanced with key nutrients such as calcium and fiber, which makes good-for-you foods like almonds and cashews better than ever. Made from real fruit and nuts, every bite is bursting with mouthwatering flavor and a crunchy texture that every snacker craves." Their almonds and cashews are health-baked, sprinkled with nutrients that our bodies need like fiber and calcium. They then oven-roast them and add kosher sea salt to taste. The results are *delicious*!! I recommed the Salt & Pepper Cashews and the Calcium and Fiber Fruit & Nut Mix! My Mom favored the Cashews and I had the Fiber Fruit & Nut Mix gone in no time! :) I love it! You can purchase these at Snacktrition--the 3 oz bags are $2.99 each & the 8.5 tubs are $6.99 each. I recommend and love the tubs because the bags will NOT last you very long. :) Their tubs are reusable and dishwasher & microwave safe.


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